Tropical Pool Services

Imagine your pool being up to 10 degrees warmer and being able to swim seven or eight months of the year

Consider the luxury of an evening swim in water so warm it will caress away the stress and fatigue of
the day.

Tropical Pool Services Ltd can provide a competitive and efficient pool heating solution using Solar Power that will extend your swimming season and give you freedom to enjoy your pool like never before.
We supply and install Solar Heating systems from three major manufacturers, enabling us to custom-fit a style and design that best suits your needs and budget. We consider this is important as each pool has its own unique requirements and conditions and there is not a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to pool heating. 
As the heat from the sun is free of cost, Solar Heating is the most cost efficient method to heat your pool.


Solar Heating is very, very energy efficient.

  • Installation costs of a Tropical Pool Solar Heating system compare favourably with either a gas or a heat pump, yet the running costs are a mere fraction of these alternatives.  
  • Solar Heating is suitable for any pool either for home, school, motel or hotel and Tropical Pool Services will custom tailor a Solar Heating system based on the size, location and usage of the pool, all without compromise.  
  • Whether it is a new or existing pool, or perhaps it is already heated by another means, a Tropical Pool Solar Heating system can be integrated into any format to give you the very best pool heating option available.

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